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CROWZ is a new and upcoming Korean multiplayer shooting game developed by ROYALCROW and published by Thumbage Co. Ltd. The soon to be released PC game seems to be inspired by PUBG with their similar title styles and gameplay environment. It is supposed to be a player vs player battle arena game available to play in both first-person (FPP) and third person (TPP). The cinematic trailer arrived in August 2021 catching fans’ attention in yet another thrilling simulation of survival. Watch the youtube trailer here.

CROWZ Beta Test:

CROWZ is set to hit gaming platforms soon. The first beta test for CROWZ was announced by Thumbage Co in November 2021. It ran from Nov 14 to Nov 15 and featured the Blood Zone game mode on a map called Sellrain Valley. This game mode has massive team play allowing up to 64 players to capture landmarks and fight the enemy team on the battlefield.

Fans and players of the game, known as ‘Crows’, were offered a second beta test in December 2021. It was conducted from Dec 17 to Dec 19.

CROWZ completed the third stage of its global beta test this month. The third phase of the test ran for 60 hours from 15:00 UTC on Jan 21st till 03:00 UTC on Jan 24th. The survey event was left open for a longer period, officially closing on January 26th 14:59 UTC. Recruitment for testers started from January 3rd up until the starting point of the beta test. Test and survey events were conducted on STEAM and involved users from North America, Europe, and Asia.

As the official platform for the beta test, STEAM offered a number of rewards to test participants who performed in the game. Those who could achieve level 4 or higher during the beta test became eligible to win a 50 dollar STEAM Digital Gift Card, which would then be awarded to 50 people randomly selected from the group. Test participants who also managed to complete the survey earned a “hat” item that can be used at the official launch along with other special gifts. Participants were welcomed to express their opinions of the game without any restrictions through video production, streaming, or social platforms in the official notice given out by STEAM prior to the test.


Squad Operation: All-new multiplayer game mode in CROWZ

The third beta version brings a fresh look to the multiplayer game in the form of Blue Whale (Squad Operation), a new map with a new game mode. Squad Operation mode is a survival and escape mode with a clear and simple objective: collect Q-on and escape from the Blue Whale Island. This mode is played in squad mode, with up to 4 players.

An official release date for the full version has not been announced yet. However, if the continuous beta tests are to be taken as any signal, the release seems to be quite near. Visit CROWZ official Steam page to follow updates about the release.