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The 2020 fall season has been very kind to us anime fans! We got some amazing and entertaining shows like Jujutsu Kaisen, Tonikaku Kawaii, The Day I Became a God, and many more. Today, we are going to take a closer look at a new show called “The Day I Became a God.”

This show has been created by the one and only legendary original anime creator, Jun Maeda. This man has worked on some brilliant masterpieces like Angel Beats, Charlotte, and Clannad. The Day I Became a God seems just as interesting as all of Jun Maeda’s other work.

Let’s take a closer look at the different aspects of this anime!

Plot & Story Progression

The plot of this anime follows the story of Youta Narukami, who is currently preparing for his university entrance exams. One day, a mysterious young girl named Hina suddenly appears in his life. This strange girl refers to herself as a God and claims that the world is about to end in 30 days. At first, Youta does not believe her, but this girl slowly makes him change his mind by demonstrating her weird abilities. For some reason, Hina decides to stay at Youta’s house. Now, the two of them are spending their last summer vacation together.

The plot of this anime sounds pretty interesting and unpredictable. The story itself proceeds in a very exciting and wholesome manner. Only 4 episodes have aired so far, but the anime has already managed to grab the attention of anime fans around the world. Being a work of Jun Maeda, we all know that this anime is going to leave us all in tears.


The characters of this anime are pretty decent, and they make the entire show more interesting. The designs of the characters are a little generic, but their personalities are pretty well-built. Let’s take a closer look at some of these characters:

Youta Narukami:

As you already know, Youta is the protagonist of this show, and he is a pretty nice guy. This boy was living a pretty boring life as he was preparing for his university entrance exams. However, everything changed once Hina appeared. Youta has a very likable personality, and he always tries to help his friends.


Hina is the mysterious self-proclaimed God that the whole show revolves around. This girl actually does possess some God-like abilities that allow her to predict the future. Hina tends to act like a little kid, and she is trying her best to enjoy her last summer vacation as much as possible.

Art & Animation

The art and animation of this anime are being handled by P.A. Works animation studio who are also responsible for some brilliant anime series like Angel Beats, Charlotte, and many more. The art style does seem a bit generic, but the animation is splendid. Every scene has been directed perfectly in this masterpiece, and the transitions between scenes are also very well executed.


The Day I Became a God is an anime that quickly has us invested in the story from the very first episode. Thanks to its unique story, amazing characters, and brilliant animation, this anime could turn out to be the best anime of fall 2020. Let’s just hope that the remaining episodes are as good as the ones that have already aired, if not better.

For now, I’d give this show a rating of 8 out of 10, and I believe that every anime fan should give it a shot!