Rainbow Six Extraction Cover Art

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Ubisoft’s new first-person shooting game of the Rainbow Six franchise gives you the chance to play solo as well as in a squad. ‘Rainbow Six: Extraction‘ hit the shelves for consoles and PC on January 20th. The game became available with the new system upgrade on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PlayStation 5, as part of the launch of Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and PC Game Pass for 2022. It is also playable on older versions like Xbox One and PlayStation 4. PC users can buy the game on Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Connect, as well as obtain it through the two cloud streaming services, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. Ubisoft has also announced that Ubisoft Plus will soon be coming to Xbox as a separate subscription, although a clear release date has not been provided yet. 

Image Credit: Ubisoft Montreal

Extraction takes from a limited-time mode that previously appeared in its competitive predecessor, Rainbow Six Siege. The story features members of an international counter-terrorism unit called Rainbow who are tasked with fighting off parasitic aliens in order to save the world. A three-person squad is sent into “incursions” that are missions that change from zone to zone. The game is purely player against the environment and depends heavily on teamwork.

According to reviews, the game is unforgiving for beginners even though it comes in four difficulty settings. Described by the game makers as an “unpredictable” player versus environment experience, the intense gameplay calls for tremendous focus and teamwork. Get the most out of the game by playing in a squad. Proper communication and strategic planning will take your team a long way, so use the in-built mic to lead your teammates, plan your loadout, and level up your roster.

Make your own Squad

Although the Quickplay feature is right there to pair you up with random players online, it’s always great to face unpredictable scenarios with friends by your side. The game’s cross-play and save technology makes it easy to play together with your buddies as you can join a match with players across all platforms. This is a step up from Rainbow Six Siege, which only supported cross-play and saves within the same family of consoles, PC and Stadia. To play with players joining from different platforms, just enable the cross-play feature and invite your friends directly from the friend’s list.

Image Credit: Ubisoft Montreal

Purchase of the full version of the game comes with two complimentary Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass tokens, which can be sent to your friends. The Buddy Pass lets the receiver play the game for free for 14 days after activation. This is a sure-fire way to get your friends to try out the game and eventually become a part of your squad! Find out how to invite your friends to the game by reading more about the Buddy Pass.

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