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CES 2022: The biggest and one of the most influential tech events in the world is taking place in the coming week. During the showcase of CES 2022, huge tech giants unveiled detailed information regarding the growing gaming technologies. This showcase put a light on the development of new and more powerful hardware to power games on personal computers. They also talked about a completely insane desktop PC.  Following were some of the eye-catching gaming stories in CES 2022.

PlayStation VR2

Sony previously shared some details about their famous PlayStation VR along with some of their future plans which they intend to carry. Their new VR system will include a single cable system and an extremely advanced controller. In CES 2022 they also peaked a little more into the details of what they are actually planning to develop. The biggest news was about the 2nd generation of Sony’s VR, also known as PlayStation VR2, with an advanced sense controller. The complete platform includes eye-tracking technology, 4K HDR resolution with OLED display. According to Sony, the new headset will be more robust with haptic feedback which will immerse the gamers into a virtual world of gaming.

Project Sophia – Razor

When you think about a desktop PC you literally imagine a CPU with a display unit along with a mouse and a keyboard. But now, Razor is going to completely change your gaming experience by introducing their Project Sophia. This was another breathtaking gaming news of the year 2022. Razor is working on a device that is a complete PC table. It sounds confusing but this is a complete desktop PC integrated in the table with an attached display. It features wireless charging, surround sound, and even a cup warmer where you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee while being totally immersed in the game. This device will come in two variants, one will be with a 65-inch display and the other will be of a 77-inch display.

Project Sophia – Razer

Apart from CES 2022, there is more to talk about the gaming world for the year 2022. New games are on their way and everyone is excited to hear about them. Following are some of the other gaming highlights of 2022.

Neurogrow – A Game that Heals Depression

Neurogrow is literally a game in development that is being designed to improve your mental health and heal your depression. I know it sounds strange but researchers are actually working on a project in the gaming industry by developing a gardening game that will make you feel better mentally. This game will work by repairing the brain circuits by letting the gamer immerse into the game. This game is already in its stages of finishing clinical trials.


This is one of the hottest topics of the year 2022 in the world of gaming. The play-to-earn concept, as the name suggests, will let gamers earn while they play games. Enthusiasts are saying that the concept of Play to Earn is going to change the complete gaming business model by replacing the concept of free to play. In this concept, gamers would be able to buy or earn items in-game and then later trade those items for real money. Time spent in gaming will now actually pay you back in terms of money in the form of either cryptocurrency or fiat money. 

So, are you excited as well to dive into the year 2022 and experience amazing things in the gaming world? 

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