Image of John Cena dressed in the Peacemaker costume, and he is tied to a chair.

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John Cena as Peacemaker – Image Credit: HBO Max

The DC Comics character ‘Peacemaker’, played by John Cena, is getting his own series which premieres on January 13th, on HBO Max. The 8 episode series is set to explain the origin of the character and follow a very similar storytelling style that we’ve come to see when the character first debuted in the most recent Suicide Squad movie.

Peacemaker promises to be a fun series and promises more of the signature style that we’ve come to see from James Gunn. For those of you that may not be too familiar with the character, we’ve created a helpful video that explains the characters’ comic books origins. Peacemaker is a man with no superpowers to speak of but decides to achieve his own idea of peace by any means necessary.

There have been some early reviews of the first few episodes of the series, and they have all been pretty good with IGN giving the series an 8 out of 10, and comparing the series to the critically acclaimed ‘The BOYS’, and ‘The Tick’. Once I’ve watched these first 3 episodes I’ll happily review the series for you all here on our site as well. I am excited to watch it primarily since it has been written by James Gunn, and it appears that DC is really giving Gunn creative control here.

DC’s shows have really been hit or miss, and I really hope this series lives up to the hype and exceeds our expectations. Now it’s time for us to hear from those out there in the #nerdgenicnation. Are you excited for Peacemaker, and is this a series you’ll watch when it debuts this week? Feel free to let us know down below in the comments.

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