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As many of us know the DCEU is an absolute mess in terms of continuity. The DCEU movies started with Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Suicide Squad and then introduced us to Batman V Superman and the original Justice League movie. Some of these movies are better received than others, but we can all agree that most of these titles received negative reception. 

Even with so many mediocre titles, there have been a few shining lights in the DCEU such as the release of the standalone JOKER movie, and the upcoming Matt Reeves Batman film. These films all seem to take on a much different tone and feel from the previous DC movies and it may be a sign that the DCEU has finally found its rhythm. This really has me thinking of what Warner Bros. has planned for the future of the DCEU, and if they wanted to make changes the upcoming Flash movie may just have the event the films need if they wanted to completely retcon or erase the current DCEU. In this article, and in the YouTube video above Aaron Waller and I will both share our thoughts on this topic. So feel free to continue in the format you best prefer. 

The Flashpoint storyline 

Image of Ezra Miller's The Flash in a the Flash costume.
Image Credit: HBO Max

The Flashpoint storyline is one of the most popular in DC Comics, but I’ll explain it briefly for those of you that may not be aware. In the Flashpoint storyline, Barry Allen, the hero known as The Flash travels back in time to save his mother from being killed by a supervillain called the Reverse Flash. 

This simple change in the timeline leads to many changes across DC and affects many of the characters as we know them and even leads to the possible end of the entire Universe. The Flash must eventually go back in time again to correct his mistake. Even though The Flash fixes his mistake there are still devastating consequences anytime time travel is involved. When Ezra Miller’s Flash travels back in time, assuming this is the route DCEU takes in this film, it’s a possibility that this could allow the DC to combine popular characters such as Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker or allow them to bring in another version of Superman. 

How this change could affect the DCEU 

Image of the Justice League members from left to right. Cyborg, The Flash, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman.
Image Credit: HBO Max

Personally, I enjoy many of the castings we have in the current DC films. I think Henry Cavill is an excellent choice for Superman, and Ben Affleck has proven that he can play both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Aquaman and Wonder Woman are both played by actors that enjoy the role and are really great fits, but some of the characters could completely have their stories changed or be completely recast in the aftermath of the Flashpoint storyline. 

In my opinion, I’d like to see DC continue with these same characters since they already have an established story. I think the problem with the DCEU is not so much the casting, but primarily boils down to the story and pacing. I’ve always felt that the DCEU may be trying to do too much too soon, instead of slowly building their Universe by creating solid solo movies for each character. Not to brag on the MCU, but they pretty much have developed a master class on how to introduce their characters and tell a story that spans over a decade. 

Now it’s time to hear from you in the Nerdgenic community. How do you think the Flash movie will affect the DCEU? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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