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Umaru Doma’s true self at home

Welcome back Nerdgenic nation and hello if you’re new! I’m your anime expert Ash and today I will be giving you a complete review of one of my all-time favorite anime, Himouto! Umaru Chan!


Himouto! Umaru Chan is a comedy/slice of life anime created by Sanaku Head that first aired in 2014. Although there are only 12 episodes, this series is full of cute and relatable moments.


Himouto! Umaru Chan follows a young high school girl named Umaru Dohma, who is seemingly perfect. She has a perfect appearance, perfect grades, musical talent, she’s athletic, very graceful and everyone is in awe of her. However, this perfect girl is merely a persona because when she gets home, the clothes fly off and the hampster hood goes on as she sprints to the snack drawer and plays video games, watches anime, and reads manga! Her true Himouto self is kept secret from her friends at school, but her older brother is often the victim of her bratty-ness.

Umaru Chan with her friends


Every good comedy anime has a fun cast of characters! In Himouto! Umaru Chan we have:

Umaru Doma: The Highschooler who lives the best of both worlds! The Perfect Pretty Girl and the die-hard Otaku! Her alter ego, Umaru is a Pro Gamer who tops the charts and cleans every arcade from their prizes.

Taihei Doma: Umaru’s older brother, often referred to as Onii-Chan, works a 9-5 job and takes care of Umaru. He is also often the victim of her antics and whining but is dependable and cares for his sister.

Nana Ebina: Ebina is Umaru’s classmate, friend, and downstairs neighbor. She is shy, ditzy, clumsy, and is always nervous because everyone constantly stares at her breasts. She has an “Akihabara” accent when she gets nervous and she has a crush on Umaru’s older brother.

Sylphynford Tachibana: Sylphynford self proclaims herself to be Umaru’s rival. She likes to showboat her grades, athletic ability, and other skills but she is always bested by Umaru. She becomes friends with her in hopes to defeat her.

Kirie Motoba: Kirie is a shy, petite girl with intimidating eyes. So despite her being nice, everyone is afraid of her. She accidentally discovers Umaru’s Himouto version but thinks it’s Umaru’s younger sister “Komaru”. She acts as “Komaru’s” servant and calls her master.

Umaru Doma and her true self (Umaru Cha)


Umaru Chan is an otaku/gamer’s dream anime because there are references to other popular shows and video games. But because Umaru is a perfect, graceful girl, the composer had to think of ways to seamlessly transition music from 8-bit video games to classical concert pieces. Let’s just say that Yasuhiro Misawa was the perfect man for the job!

I watched this anime primarily in Japanese, and in the Japanese dub, Umaru’s voice actor Aimi Tanaka does an amazing job of having a soothing voice, as well as an annoying whiny one, which is perfect for Umaru! I’m not a native Japanese speaker, so when Ebina would use her “Akihabara” dialect, I wouldn’t understand why she was always embarrassed. That is until I watched the English dub, and she slips into her “Southern” accent, which makes more sense to western audiences.

Himoutou Umaru Chan character art


Overall this show is great for slice of life lovers like me. There’s no romance in this anime, just all fun, and giggles. If you are a die-hard fangirl/fanboy, then I think this anime would be perfect for you! From a fan’s point of view, I would rate this show as a 5/5, but as The Anime Expert, I’ll give this a 4 out of 5 stars, simply because I feel like the show needed a second season. I want more of Umaru’s antics, okay?!

If you would like to see a review of your favorite anime, please let me know what I should review next in the comments section below! And if you’re in a binge-watching kind of mood, be sure to check out my other Anime Content Here at Nerdgenic.com!

That’s all for today! See you in the next video/Blog! Anime Expert Ash Out!

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