Master Chief from the Halo Infinite Campaign

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I have been playing the Halo Infinite Campaign almost every day since its December 8th release, and I decided to share my thoughts on this blog. If you’d like to know my thoughts on the Multiplayer, you may view it on our site here.

Halo Infinite is the story of Master Chief on his exploration of Zeta Halo ring. The game picks up some time after the events of Halo 5. At the very beginning of the game we see our hero, Master Chief in a brutal battle with the villains of the story, the Banished which are led by a villain named Atriox.

Atriox and the Banished are able to defeat Master Chief and leave him for dead adrift in space. Master Chief is found 6 months later by a lone pilot, and the two stumble across the Zeta Halo ring that the Banished are working to rebuild. Master Chief must work to stop the Banished from completing their mission on this ring, unlock the ring’s secrets, and deal with the complete and utter destruction of the UNSC.

How is Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite handles all of these story elements beautifully in my opinion. With so much going on, the story is paced extremely well and the lore is explained in a very understandable way. So unlike Halo 5, you do not have to have read the graphic novels to understand what is going on at each point in the story. One criticism I might add is the game didn’t really dive into the purpose of the Halo rings, well it is touched on briefly, but I’ll explain for those new to the franchise.

The Halo rings were created long ago, and are used for the sole purpose of exterminating life on a monumental scale. They are basically one giant ring-shaped weapon that floats through space, and usually are not fired except under very extreme circumstances. Now, you can imagine that many villains would want to get their hands on such a weapon, and you are correct. Much of the Halo games are spent searching each ring to learn its secrets and preventing a villain or villains from using the ring to suit their own agendas. Of course, each ring has its own safeguards of course, but that is a topic for a later article.

Even with all of this backstory you are never left confused at any point as the game does its best to explain things in an easily digestible way. Being an open-world game, there is much to explore and you can move along in the story as you’d like.

The Open World

Zeta Halo is absolutely massive! There is so much to explore, and many fun easter eggs throughout. One aspect of the environment I truly love is the addition of wildlife and the communication amongst the Banished themselves. You can really tell that the Banished were really created to feel lifelike. There are jokes you may hear about dealing with “upper management”, and the different classes of alien species they belong to. All of this really makes the Banished relatively interesting. In fact, this made me really want a game where we deal with potential conflict amongst the Banished themselves.

The Gameplay

Halo Infinite’s gameplay is absolutely top tier. The controls are buttery smooth, and the combat is superb. Every weapon in the sandbox feels like it has a unique role, and when used accordingly they are all really fun to use. One of my personal favorites is the Skewer. It’s very tough to master, but once you become more familiar with how this weapon works, you’ll be blowing away the Banished in no time!

I really have to commend 343 for what they’ve done Halo Infinite. The game has exceeded my expectations and truly feels polished.

Do I recommend Halo Infinite?

Yes, I recommend Halo Infinite. I believe the campaign really makes this a game of the year contender. It really has been a pleasure playing this game with you all, and it has completely blown away the competition this time around.

Now I’d like to hear from you out there in the Nerdgenic community. Have you played or are you currently playing Halo Infinite? If so, what are your thoughts? Is this one you recommend? Be sure to let us know down below.

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