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Hello everyone and welcome back Nerdgenic Nation! I’m your anime expert Ash and since I just released my review of OHSHC, it’s time for a more fun, light-hearted video! So stick around to see what your favorite character says about you!


If Haruhi is your favorite, then I feel like you tend to just always like the main character. You might be an easy target for salesmen or advertisements. Let me guess, your favorite Pokemon is probably a popular pick like Pikachu or Charizard. You’re basic but the majority!


If Tamaki is your favorite, you probably have unrealistic expectations when it comes to relationships (as you should). You probably also really love romantic tropes you see in Drama or read in fanfiction. I also feel like you’re really attractive and know that you deserve to be treated like royalty.


Do you like him because he has glasses? Or because he’s smart? It’s both, isn’t it? If Koya is your favorite, you’re either one of two things:

1. You’re super smart and relate to his cold-hearted cunningness


2. You’re not very book smart but you’d love to have someone like him to balance out your colorful chaos

Honey senpai

You’re a child. And if you’re not a child, you don’t let people tell you you’re too old to have fun and like what you like. I respect that.

Mori senpai

If Mori senpai is your favorite, I feel like you have the tendency to chat people’s ears off and you think he’s the world’s best listener. You also like that he’s super tall and handsome. Are you short? You give off short energy.


If Kaoru is your favorite you have exquisite taste. You’re kind-hearted but you know how to stand up for yourself and get what you want. You like the finer things in life but you live to share the wealth and spoiling others makes you happy.


If Hikaru is your favorite, I feel like you’re short-tempered. You are passionate and tend to fly off the handle. You probably also bully others to show affection!


If Renge is your favorite, you’re a fangirl/boy. You have an obsessive nature and could talk for hours about your favorite show. You probably also empty your wallet for the newest merch when it releases but I bet your collection is quite impressive!


If Nekozowa is your favorite, then you’re edgy. Your favorite color is probably black and I bet you listen to music that does all the screaming for you.

So was I right? Can you guys who my favorite character is? Let us know in the comments below! And feel free to check out my other anime content articles and videos!

That’s all for today! See you in the next one! Anime expert Ash out!

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