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In the last decade, Netflix has revolutionized the world of film and TV and has managed to take great strides as an organization as well. Rising from a mere streaming service to a major film and TV production house, there is no doubt that Netflix has become a giant in the entertainment industry.

Continuing on this path, it was announced that Netflix would soon be introducing video games on its platform and has begun hiring specialists to bring this project to life. This is being called by many the most ambitious move made by the streaming service yet, and there is a lot of excitement among the subscribers and video game enthusiasts regarding this. So what can the fans expect from this announcement, and more importantly, how will this expansion benefit Netflix in the long run?

Greater Engagement for Subscribers

In the last 3-4 years, Netflix has gained stiff competition in the streaming business. With other streaming services also producing and acquiring content in bulk, Netflix must maintain, if not increase, its user engagement. With gaming being introduced on the platform, it is expected that subscribers will spend more time on the app than before, and will have greater options to explore. With further development, Netflix will definitely aim to attract new subscribers solely for its gaming options.

Potential for Gaming-Streaming Codependence

Netflix has already acquired the rights to video game adaptations of all its original productions. While 2 adaptations of Stranger Things have already been released, It has also been reported that the production of games based on its other highly popular shows is also underway. The choices users make while playing these games will give great insight to the producers about the aspects of the original production that they like. This information will be useful in further streamlining the content on the platform.

Further Development of Interactive Storytelling

Netflix has opened new entertainment avenues by introducing interactive storytelling to its users. This is considered a breakthrough in terms of how stories can be told by engaging the viewers in the future. The introduction of video games presents many options as to how films and series can be integrated with video games to give the users completely unique experience. With interactive storytelling expanded to all genres, There is no limit to the extent to which this potential integrated experience can develop.

Great Potential of Growth for Netflix

Up till now, Netflix has maintained its dominance in the streaming business because of its knack for innovation. With the direction Netflix has taken now, it looks set to stake its claim as a leading gaming company too in the future. The modern gaming industry has already shifted its focus towards producing more story-oriented games, and with the potential success of this concept in the future, Netflix will find itself on par with the giants of the gaming industry like Sony and Microsoft. All-in-all, this idea will not only expand the Netflix empire but will also present users, especially gaming enthusiasts, with a lot of exciting prospects.

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