Master Chief from the Halo Infinite Campaign

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Thank you all in advance for reading this article. I’ve posted several articles in the past on this website sharing my thoughts of Halo Infinite along the way. I’ve been following the game quite closely and was excited to hear that Halo Infinite’s beta/official release of the multiplayer would come early this year due to the Xbox’s 20th Anniversary. I’ve spent many hours playing this game, and have detailed my thoughts in a video (included above this paragraph), that was recently uploaded to our official YouTube channel.

While playing Halo Infinite, and researching the game to write this review I really tried to answer one basic question you all may have… Is Halo Infinite fun to play? To answer this question, I decided to review each aspect of the multiplayer, which included the Academy, where you can train against bots, and improve on the overall gameplay mechanics. Spoiler alert, this is a feature I absolutely love in Halo Infinite!

I also discuss the two ways in which you can play Halo Infinite. The first is an Arena-style playlist in a 4×4 setting, and the other is the Big Team Battle playlist. I did enjoy many aspects of both game types, but I really enjoyed Big Team Battle while the Arena-style modes were definitely a chore to get through, but this type of mode is more designed to cater to the competitive Halo fans.

After watching my review of the Halo Infinite Multiplayer, please be sure to share your thoughts. You can do so by leaving a comment here on the site or sharing your feedback on our YouTube channel. I’ll be sure to update you all with more information on Halo Infinite releases so you can stay up to date by following us on either Facebook or our YouTube channel. Thank you again for reading and for watching my review!

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