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Thank you all so much for reading my One Punch Man articles! I love this series, and it is such a pleasure to write about it for you all on our website. In this article, I’m going to be talking about the newest issue of the One Punch Man manga, which is issue 151.

If you’d like to read the entire issue for yourself, you can do so by following the One Punch Man subreddit. They also let us know when there are new issues on their official Twitter page. Before I get into my review, I’d like to let you know that this article will contain spoilers for chapter 151 of the One Punch Man manga, so please stop reading here if you do not want the chapter spoiled for you.

What is One Punch Man: Chapter 151?

Chapter 151 picks up where we left off in the previous chapter. The S Class heroes, Genos, Tatsumaki, SilverFang, Atomic Samurai, and other heroes are in the midst of an uphill battle with the monster Cadres from the Monster Association. Our heroes are in really bad shape, as Genos is badly destroyed and trying to protect a severely damaged Tatsumaki. SilverFang (Bang) is busy fighting Garou, which we talk about in our review of the last chapter, and Saitama is once again a no-show.

Chapter 151 opens with Homeless Emperor shooting his light spears at the Atomic Samurai, accompanied by the A-class hero swordsman. It doesn’t look like the heroes have much of a chance against Homeless Emperor’s attacks, but Atomic Samurai begins to use the Sun Blade he received from another swordsman in a previous issue.

The Powers of the Sun Blade

Atomic Samurai is accepted by the Sun Blade and is able to use its power to slice Homeless Emporer’s energy spears and even cut the arm off of Golden Sperm, a monster the S class heroes can’t even seem to put a scratch on in this battle.

After this feat of power seen by Atomic Samurai, we come to realize the Sun Blade was in complete control. The Sun Blade’s power is highly needed in this battle, especially after this feat of power. If Atomic Samurai were able to wield it properly it’s possible that the Sun Blad would end this battle in a matter of minutes, but this blade puts Atomic Samurai in a trance-like state and completely takes over his mind and body.

This makes me wonder if Atomic Samurai will use this Sword later or be forced to simply hold on to it until later in the story. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the Sun Blade down below.

King Enters The Fight

After this feat of power by Atomic Samurai, Homeless Emperor and Golden Sperm begin to confront the remaining Swordsman now that they realize they are completely at their limit. Golden Sperm even encourages the S Class Heroes to ‘wait their turn to be killed’. Which is an iconic line from the original One Punch Man webcomic.

Golden Sperm and Homeless Emperor are stopped in the tracks by the sound of the ‘King Engine’. King steps up to appear to defend the S-class heroes. This is a slight comedic moment, but we get to see both Golden Sperm and Homeless Emperor hesitate to attack in the presence of King. In the original webcomic, this scene is iconic and really shows the power of King or should I say it sparks many theories in the One Punch Man community of King’s powers and abilities.

King simply stands there while we read his internal dialogue. King basically is scared to death, but he knows that many Monsters are afraid of his supposed ‘feats’ of power. The issue ends immediately after this so hopefully more will be revealed in the next issue.

Final Thoughts on One Punch Man Chapter 151

Now that you have some idea of what is going on in this chapter, I’d like to take a moment to share my thoughts on this issue. I did enjoy this issue, but this is a really short chapter that cuts off just before we get to see any huge moments unless you count Atomic Samurai and the Sun Blade.

Atomic Samurai is getting much more story here than he did in the original webcomic, and I welcome this change as I do enjoy the character. I am not sure how this will finally play out as in the original webcomic Atomic Samurai is unable to fight due to losing his weapon so this makes me question what will happen here. Will Atomic Samurai refuse to use the Sun Blade due to its side effects or will another hero join the fight? I personally think someone will have to step in to defend them, we do see that many heroes are starting to pop up from the ground now, but I do not see any of them being a threat to Golden Sperm other than Saitama.

Now I’d like to hear from those out there in the community. What do you think of One Punch Man Chapter 151, and what do you think will happen in the next issue? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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