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Almost 20 years ago, billionaire and owner of Microsoft, Bill Gates, got on stage and revealed to the world a machine that would later carve the path for console gaming as we know it. I don’t think I’ll be alone when I say “really? Surely it hasn’t been 20 years!” As a commemoration of the past two decades of Xbox, Microsoft has revealed to the public a stunning new controller and headset design!

The new official anniversary hardware will be a throwback to the “Debug Green” translucent design of the original Xbox and it’s safe to say they are simply remarkable! Here is what they look like before we move on to explore the rest of the announcements surrounding the 20th anniversary of Xbox:

As well as the stunning new accessories, Xbox have announced a few more surprises to celebrate the past two decades of gaming on Xbox. Many gamers such as myself will remember that it was not just a revolutionary new console revealed to the world that day, but also a game that many of us would come to love – Halo: Combat Evolved. And of course, it wouldn’t be right to celebrate two decades of Xbox without a nod to the iconic game, which is why we will be graced with the Halo Infinite Edition – Xbox Series X bundle! The bundle, which will be the first-ever limited edition variant of the latest console to launch, contains a stunningly new designed Xbox series x console and controller, as well as a downloadable copy of Halo Infinite. Take a look at the beautiful box below:

If you are not a fan of the new controller included with the limited edition console nor the translucent throwback design, worry not. There is also a new Xbox Elite Halo Infinite design, and 3rd party Razer was given the right to create a Halo headset to launch alongside the new range. Take a look at them below:

The final piece of Halo news surrounding the 20th anniversary is that Xbox partners Seagate will launch a Halo branded external hard drive to accompany the new range of Halo hardware Microsoft announced. It will feature a LED strip built into the design to give it a golden Master Chief style aura and will be available in 2TB and 5TB variants:

Finally, along with the new hardware, there will be a new line of Xbox merchandise launched to celebrate the anniversary. The casual look gear will celebrate the past two decades of Xbox gaming and is available in the Microsoft store right now! The gear can be shipped to most countries and is pretty nice as far as console branded merchandise goes!

So that is all the major news surrounding the 20th anniversary of Xbox, with some pretty awesome hardware being shown to us by Microsoft, especially for Halo fans such as myself! It’s safe to say there is a fair bit to look forward to next month! Even with all that has been announced, you never know if there will be even more surprises in store for us leading up to the official 20th anniversary of Xbox on November 15th!

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