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With technology ever-changing and technology companies constantly striving to release the next big trend, could this device shape the future of how we watch our favorite shows? In this article, we will take a look at the latest smart device to be launched by one of the UK’s most popular service providers, and explore if it is worth buying such a device!

Streaming is now the most popular way for people to soak up their favorite shows and binge-watch their favorite series. As such, one of the most popular service providers in the UK has launched a new TV, which is said to be a streaming TV and the first of its kind with the set-top box actually being built into the device! Whilst in many ways this is a good thing, there is always the nagging issue of once you have bought the device, you are forced to subscribe to a service to actually use it and will likely be restricted to using only services Sky provides, including the sky Sky Q TV package and streaming service NOW TV.

Built-in voice commands will make the device easy to use for most users and will allow users to take advantage of features such as restarting shows on any channel, creating playlists, and discovering more to watch with intelligent recommendations As well as the voice command feature, the device will also house a built-in subwoofer containing 6 powerful speakers, sure to deliver impressive sound quality for any viewer with Dolby Atmos featured also.

The main part of any TV unit is for sure the screen, and you will be happy to know that this TV is loaded with a 4k UHD display featuring quantum dot technology, meaning sharp images and vibrant color should be expected from this display. The TV is also available in a choice of 5 unique colors such as Ocean Blue, Dusty Pink, and Racing Green, with more traditional Anthracite Black and Ceramic White models also available meaning you can find a color to match any room! The TV will be available in three different sizes, with 43”, 55” and 65” models all being available. The device will only be available to buy with a Sky TV package however will support up to three HDMI inputs with Bluetooth and USB C connectivity also being featured.

To expand on the purchase options for this device, of which there will only be one way to buy – with a Sky TV subscription. The idea of being forced into a monthly subscription just for a TV is something that will most likely be a factor that will dissuade many potential buyers from buying this TV, as most people tend to buy their TV outright from an electronics store! In my opinion, just this factor alone could cause the device, which on paper is a great offering, to become something we look back on as a flop due to the purchase options!

It is probably safe to say that whilst being a good offering to customers already using Sky as their service provider already, customers who use other providers would likely be put off by switching! To summarise the device will feature a 4k screen with HDR 10 functionality, an integrated subwoofer with Dolby Atmos support, and as well as being available in a wide range of colors, is easy to wall mount with a built-in Vesa standard wall mount. To improve their offering Sky should consider selling the TV as a separate unit, as this is a seriously good device which is available separately, could attract a huge amount of customers to buy!

It is safe to say there will need to be changes made to the purchase options if Sky wants this device to dominate the market and become a serious contender in the market. Let us know what you think down in the comment section, would the purchase options be likely to put you off buying, or do you love the service Sky offer and intend to add this device to your home!

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