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After the launch of their latest smartphone range last month, tech giants Apple hosted their unleashed event on October 18th, where they showed the world the latest line of tech goodies they will be bringing to the market in the near future! In a Live-Streamed event named “Apple Unleashed” the tech giants revealed a range of new products they will be adding to their range, including a new model of the popular Macbook Pro, a new model of the popular AirPods wireless earphones, and a HomePod mini. In this article, we will explore the new products revealed in the event and include an opinion on whether you should upgrade or not! If you would like to see the entire official briefing, you can do so here in article or video form: https://www.apple.com/uk/apple-events/october-2021/

MacBook Pro

The all-new Macbook Pro will be available in the usual two form factors, with 14” and 16” models to choose from. Made to power the career of professionals, this latest offering in the Macbook Pro range features some impressive hardware! Powered by the new M1 pro and M1 Max chips, the new range of Macbook Pro will feature a 10 core CPU to handle those multi-core tasks with ease! AS well as a beefy processor the new Macbook Pro will also have an impressive GPU, with up to 16 cores of graphics performance on the M1 Pro and 32 cores on the M1 Max – enough to keep most professionals happy regardless of the task! To back up the awesome graphics and processing capabilities of this machine, Apple has packed the latest Macbook Pro with an impressive 32GB of RAM on the M1 Pro chip, and 64GB on the M1 Max, plenty even for high usage tasks such as rendering and video editing!

In addition to the impressive hardware list, the new Macbook Pro will also feature an impressive array of features too, making life even easier for professionals. There will be support for up to two external displays and long battery life ranging from 11 to 21 hours of use depending on model and usage! What Apple is saying is the best display ever in a notebook, the Liquid Retina XDR display has extreme dynamic range and a 1,000,00:1 contrast ratio – so users should expect top quality images from this display and with a smooth 120hz refresh rate, tasks like scrolling will be seamless!

If you are a heavy usage professional looking for the ultimate performance, and you love the Mac OS platform – it is safe to say you will benefit from upgrading to this latest offering! This machine may however be a little more powerful than the vast majority of users will ever need, meaning you should consider the item’s high price tag before you upgrade as this machine will still be just as impressive next year – and probably cheaper! Get a better look at the new machine here: https://www.apple.com/uk/macbook-pro-14-and-16/


The latest model of the popular AirPods wireless earphones will feature an entire redesign of the outer shell, with the “Pebble” shape now being more cylindrical and impressive features such as spatial audio added!

As well as the new spatial audio, the latest offering of Airpods will feature upgraded noise-cancellation, with an insert microphone placed in the outer shell of each earpiece to detect and cancel out unwanted background noise, such as wind! A touch sensor on the side of the earpiece will give you the ability to control your audio, similar to the little switch on wired sets! Using these earphones in the rain should not be an issue, as both the earpieces and the charging carry case have a water resistance rating of IPX 4 meaning light rain showers or sweat from workouts shouldn’t cause you any issues!

In short, most people who love good quality music, and the convenience of a wireless connection, will probably be very happy should you choose to upgrade! Take a close look at them here: https://www.apple.com/uk/airpods-3rd-generation/

HomePod Mini

The HomePod mini adds a long-anticipated, slimline home speaker to the Apple Home range. Whilst previously only the bigger HomePod unit was available, there is now a smaller version available in the range.

The ability to link the smaller HomePods together is a nice feature, whilst Siri will let you control your music to each speaker individually each with their own song, or with the same song as collective ease of use won’t be an issue.

The high-quality speakers inside the unit will be sure to provide you with crystal clear audio and deep bass, whilst the 360 degrees mesh design will ensure that audio from the speaker will sound good from any angle! Another cool feature of the mini speakers is that when linked up in separate rooms, the device can act as an in-home intercom, allowing you to speak with family members without having to raise your voice! The HomePod mini is also available in a range of attractive colors!

It is safe to say that in terms of Home Assistants, the HomePod Mini will likely be one of the most popular, and most people who use this as their smart home assistant will not regret it! Take a closer look at the product here: https://www.apple.com/uk/homepod-mini/

So here is the overview of the Apple Unleashed event, some pretty cool products were announced with my favorite being the HomePod Mini, I will be sure to pick up a couple in the near future!

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