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Thank you so much for reading my review of chapter 150 of the One Punch Man Manga. One Punch Man is my favorite anime series right now, and I enjoy being able to review each chapter for you. If you’d like to read chapter 150 for yourself, you can find it on the One Punch Man subreddit’s Twitter page here.

What is One Punch Man: Chapter 150?

After all of the waiting, we are finally getting to see more of the fight with Bang and Garou in this chapter. At this point in the story, Bang is going all out, and Garou is in a kind of pseudo-monster state. It’s unclear at this point if Garou is even aware of what’s going on or if he’s just fighting on pure instinct. The fight between the two is very impressive, but it is clear that Garou has the edge here.

After some fighting Garou uses a special technique called the ‘Explosion Release Fist’, which troubles Bang. Bang mentions that this is a “Wicked Technique”, and it’s clear that this is one technique Bang wants to keep a secret. One important note here is that Bang mentions he is not only fighting Garou, but also his past. This issue gives us a deeper look into the darker history of Silver Fang.

Bang Was A Monster

I didn’t mean to clickbait you, but Bang was a monster just not in the typical One Punch Man disaster level sense. In the chapter, we learn that Bang was once arrogant, and uses his martial arts gifts to completely terrorize his opponents. Bang drunk with power is confronted by Bomb, his older brother. After a brief fight, Bang loses and this gives him time to reflect on his loss and what it means to be truly strong.

Bang then began changing his training methods and created the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. He decides to make amends for his past failures by joining the hero association and keeping his Explosion Release Fist scrolls under lock and key.

The nice thing about this backstory is this gives us a sense of why Bang is so intent on stopping Garou. Garou is not just a former student that went wrong, but Bang also sees himself in Garou. Unless the story moves in a completely opposite direction, I think this is also foreshadowing Garou’s journey. In a way, Garou is Bang’s ultimate disciple as he is following Bang’s journey to the letter.

Bang Will Retire

Another big bombshell was dropped towards the end of this chapter. Bang once again vows to save Garou and promises to truly disciple him. Bang also states that after this arc he will retire from hero duties so S class may lose one of their top heroes. If this does ultimately come true, I’m curious to know how this will shake up the rankings in later chapters.

Final Thoughts

Chapter 150 of One Punch Man just feels like a big tease. I can’t wait to see how the Garou arc will end, and we have so much more story to go before we get there. Also, the Caped Baldy really isn’t involved in the story currently, and I can’t wait to see Saitama again.

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