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There are several factors that I took into account when I was asked to find the 5 best gaming headsets available in 2021, these were as follows:

● Compatibility

● Comfort

● Price

● Value for money

● Build Quality

To begin this list I searched gaming headsets on Amazon and made a shortlist of around 10 possible contenders that could be the best gaming headset in 2021. I then compared the most popular headsets with the above criteria along with customer reviews on amazon and compiled the top 5 headsets available in 2021.

Logitech G335 Wired – 5th Place

Price: £54.78 or $69.99

Buy on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3mEo0sT

Key Features:

● Lightweight

● Plug & Play

● Impressive sound

Pros: Comfortable, Lightweight, Good noise cancellation.

Cons: Build Quality, Underwhelming bass, Wired headset.


From the reviews that I read it’s clear to see that Logitech is offering a reasonable headset at a mid-level price point. Whilst the sound quality is generally good, the bass is a little underwhelming and the build quality could be better, with one reviewer saying “those with long hair may find it gets trapped in the joints of the headbands or cups”.

Despite the cons of this headset it is extremely lightweight and comfortable to use and offers good sound quality for the price. Plug & Play compatibility is a great feature to have as it means your headset is easily compatible with any device with an audio jack, so it’s good to see that it’s been thought of when designing this product. Logitech is also considered to be one of the best manufacturers of gaming accessories, hence why this headset takes the number 5 spot on the list.

Astro A50 – 4th Place

Price: £229.99 / $299.99

Buy on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3mFHf5q

Key Features:

● Astro Audio V2

● Dolby Audio

● Built in-game voice settings

● 15 hours battery life

Pros: great audio range, wireless, good noise cancellation

Cons: compatibility, price, weight


This is a premium headset and it’s sold at a premium price point, therefore, you should expect premium quality! From reading the customer reviews on amazon it’s clear to see that you get what you pay for with this headset – Quality!

Customers vouched that the sound quality is top-notch and the build quality is of a high standard. As well as having top sound quality this headset boasts a 15-hour battery life meaning most gamers should get 2-3 days between charges, with more serious gamers still expecting to have it last the full day.

The cons that were clear from the reviews are the complicated setup of the pc software and having to pay to use the atmos feature of this headset. Another con that stood out from the crowd in the reviews was that the build quality around the microphone is not the best and it seems fragile given the cost of the headset, hence why this rams number 4 on the list.

Logitech G935 Wireless – 3rd Place

Price: £108.04 / $95.99

Buy on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2WWmU2L

Key Features:

● RGB Lighting

● 50mm Pro-G Drivers

● Immersive surround sound

● Loud & Clear 6mm Microphone

Pros: Comfort, Great Reach Range, Good sound range.

Cons: Lack of 7.1 Surround Sound, 12 Hour Battery Life, RGB Drains Battery Rapidly.

Summary: This headset offers great wireless performance at a reasonable price. From the reviews on amazon it is clear to see that a standout advantage this headset has is its reach range, unlike some wireless headsets, customers reported better than average range. The large size of the earpiece means it is comfortable for a wide range of users, whilst 50mm drivers provide a quality sound range which is particularly useful in FPS games.

The cons of this headset seem to mainly be battery life based, it is expected to last 12 hours, which is in itself disappointing, however will drain much faster if the RGB feature is activated. The lack of support for 7.1 Surround Sound is also a downside of this headset, particularly when previous models of this headset had that feature! Hence why this only makes it to number 3 on the list.

Steelseries Arctis 3 – 2nd Place

Price: £48.56/$59.99

Buy on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Bs3z8E

Key Features:

● Compatible with all platforms

● Studio Quality Voice

● Low distortion speakers

● Comfort focused design

Pros: Good sound quality, Easily Portable, Comfortable

Cons: Build Quality, Short Wire, Lack of Volume


From reading the reviews on amazon it quickly became clear to me that this is the best budget headset for gaming at the moment. Costing less than £50 you get crystal clear sound quality, a microphone which is considered by many gamers to be the best microphone on a gaming headset and it is the same microphone featured on the more premium headsets offered by Steelseries. The speakers in this headset have been specifically tuned for low sound distortion, a feature again you would expect to find on more premium headsets.

The cons that stood out the most when reading the reviews were that the speakers were a little on the quiet side, however, this issue can be helped by turning up the game volume via game settings. Another thing commonly mentioned by customers was the build quality, coming in at a budget-friendly price, the headset is made of mostly plastic and therefore is a little more flimsy than more premium headsets. Overall you get good value for money with this headset, making it a good quality headset available to most budgets, hence why it makes it number 2 on the list.

Steelseries Arctis Pro

Price: £299.48/$329.99

Buy on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3uXPVaP

Key Features:

● Wireless & Bluetooth Connectivity

● Superior Sound Quality

● Replaceable Battery

● Comes with 2nd battery meaning 24/7 availability.

Pros: Excellent connectivity options, Superior sound quality, 24/7 availability

Cons: Conservative Design, Poor PC Software, Expensive


In my opinion, if you are in the market for a wireless gaming headset for your hardcore gaming habits, you should really look no further than this headset! It has multiple connectivity methods and will accept dual input, meaning you can take phone calls whilst still receiving your game, video, or music audio simultaneously, paired with the fact you get two batteries with this headset making it available for use 24/7 and the superior sound quality is taken into consideration, this really is the must-have gaming headset on the market right now!

Even the number one headset has its downsides though, and from reading the reviews a common complaint that came up amongst customers was that for the price, it has a very minimalist design, and lacks features such as RGB. Another common complaint was that the software used to control the headset on a PC is mediocre at best and can be frustrating to use.

All things taken into consideration you really do have to dig to find genuine negative reviews of this headset, although it is expensive, its expansive feature list somewhat justifies the price given the lack of genuine competition in terms of features and quality, hence why this is the number 1 headset on the list!

So that completes my list of the top 5 gaming headsets of 2021, all of the above headsets stood out from the competition when compared to my criteria and were the most backed by customer reviews on Amazon.

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