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If you’re an avid anime watcher you may watch both the subbed and English dubbed versions of your favorite anime series. No matter your preference there are some animes that some anime series that may be better watched using the subtitles. Personally, I am on the fence on this as there are anime that I enjoy dubbed such as One Punch Man, but then are anime that I enjoy watching with the subtitles such as Demon Slayer. Our anime expert Ash has worked to put a list together of 5 anime series that are better watched using subtitles.

Why Should You Watch Subbed Anime?

We have a really great article where we talk about both subbed and dubbed anime, and explained what they are, and provided recommendations, but I’ll also talk about this briefly here. In subbed anime, there may be times where you may miss some story elements. Sometimes the signage may be subtitled or in the worst-case scenario, some of the dialogue can change. I do not feel that you miss out on anything that will completely change the entire anime series you are watching, but sometimes the small details you miss are more or less small additions to the story.

As an anime fan, I think it’s great to watch a few anime in subbed if you never have just to get a feel for it. I totally agree that action animes, like Dragon Ball, are best watched using the English Dub in my opinion.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t by now, please watch the YouTube video at the top of this article and then share your thoughts with those in our community. Did you enjoy Ash’s list of 5 anime that have bad English dubs or did you absolutely hate this video? We welcome all opinions on this blog so feel free to leave a comment below, we only ask that you keep it friendly.

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