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If you loved the first two seasons of the chaotic and colorful team known as the Doom Patrol, then like me, you’ve been waiting for Season 3. The official trailer was released as well as unique key art from the series. We will talk about both the trailer and key art in this article.

The new Doom Patrol trailer already has over 8 million views on YouTube so the hype for this season is at a surreal level. The Doom Patrol is by far the best of the DC comics HBO Max series out there. Its characters and story have just the right amount of horror, comedy, depth, and intrigue. So if you are not watching the Doom Patrol I strongly encourage you to binge-watch seasons one and two prior to its release.

The new season debuts September 23, 2021, and will release a new episode each Thursday through November 11, 2021. We will be reviewing each episode on this site, so be sure to come back or follow us on Facebook to keep up with our thoughts and detailed analysis of every episode.

Key Art

Along with the trailer we also received some chaotic and cool key art from the show. I am in love with this poster, and it really shows how chaotic a season of the Doom Patrol is. It appears that most of the main cast is featured in the trailer.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please be sure to let us know down below if you are excited about the Doom Patrol series.

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