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Thank you all for following this blog, and I apologize for my absence as it relates to these One Punch Man reviews, but today we have another redraw. This one is for chapter 114.5, and I’ll be providing you an overview of the chapter and sharing my thoughts throughout my review.

What is One Punch Man Chapter 114.5 Redraw?

Chapter 144.5 is a very short chapter and doesn’t necessarily provide a ton of insight into the story. For those of you that don’t know we are still in the Monster Association arc. In this arc, the S-class heroes, and Amai Mask have entered the facility to save a child. The heroes have split up throughout the facility, and in this panel, we follow Amai Mask.

Amai Mask is carrying the head of a monster he’s slain in earlier issues. Amai Mask is exploring a laboratory within the monster association hideout. Probably the most important element of this chapter is that Amai Mask eventually runs into where the monster association stores its monster cells. The monster cells we see in the One Punch Man anime season two, and in earlier issues. When someone eats the monster cell they turn into a monster.

The monster cells are being created and harvested from Monster King Orochi. Amai Mask destroys the tank holding all of the monster cells so they cannot artificially create any other monsters.

The Introduction of Fuhrer Ugly

Shortly after Amai Mask destroys the tanks holding the monster cells he comes across a mirror, and in typical Amai Mask fashion, we get a panel of him making several different poses and admiring his appearance. While doing this, Amai Mask is confronted by a hideous presence in the mirror, and that ominous presence is Fuhrer Ugly.

Fuhrer Ugly is a Dragon Level monster cadre of the monster association. These guys are simply bad news, and Amai Mask would have reason to be scared. In this panel, Amai Mask isn’t necessarily scared of Fuhrer Ugly but states that he has encountered his first unwinnable fight since his opponent is an Ugmon.

We also learn how Ugmon’s are created, and that their strength is directly related to the ugliness of their hearts. Not to spoil anything later in the story, but Fuhrer Ugly is a tough monster and his story still isn’t over, even in the most recent issues of the One Punch Man manga.

How did you enjoy this issue of the One Punch Man manga? Are you glad that the redraws may be done temporarily? Please be sure to leave a comment below, and I will be reviewing future issues in this blog as well.

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