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The comic book origin of the Black Widow is just as mysterious as the character herself. We’ve reviewed tons of Marvel comic books, and have put together a helpful video that explains the comic book origin of Natasha Romanoff, aka the Black Widow.

If you’ve seen the recently released Black Widow movie, then you’ll learn a little about her origin, but our video does include much more details than we see in her MCU debut movie. For example, did you know that Black Widow has super-strength? That’s right Natasha Romanoff did receive a variant of the super-soldier serum similar to that of Captain America. While not quite as strong, Black Widow can hold her own against just about any opponent.

After watching this video you should understand how different this character is from her MCU counterpart, which was played excellently by Scarlett Johansson. Once you’ve watched it, please feel free to share your thoughts below, and let us know if this video helped you better understand the origin of Black Widow.

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