Black Adam from DC Comics

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Black Adam is getting his own solo movie, and making his live-action debut in the Black Adam movie that releases in 2022. We should receive more information about Black Adam in the upcoming DC FanDome event. We recently released a video on our YouTube channel that explains the comic book origin of Black Adam in full detail.

Black Adam has similar powers to that of Shazam and has faced our hero numerous times in the past. Black Adam is primarily an anti-hero and doesn’t mind killing to achieve his own personal goals. He is a popular DC comic book villain and is played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

If you are a fan of DC comics, the DCEU, and are curious to learn more about this iconic villain then you’ll definitely want to watch this video. Aaron chooses a new comic book character each week for his history of… series. So be sure to comment either the video or down below, letting us know which comic book characters you’d like to see in future videos.

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