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We’re going to jump right into this review. Let me start by saying that this is an okay controller if you’re looking for a “pro” upgrade from the traditional Xbox controller. It’s also important to note that you do indeed “get what you pay for” this time around.

First, the PowerA Fusion Pro 2 is a wired controller. This can be a deal-breaker for some, but for someone like me who sits relatively close to my monitor, I decided to play ball and give it a try. This wired controller is made for the Xbox Series X/S and attempts to offer some of the same extras as the Elite Series 2 Pro controller that’s made by Xbox. Having a lower price point, at just $90, makes this controller seem like a no-brainer. Back paddles, an included interchangeable faceplate, and even a carrying case included in the box make this deal scream premium.

It’s most definitely a more cost-saving option than the Elite Series 2, however (deep anime villain voice), that doesn’t mean it’s better. Compromises become noticeable when we look at the details. This controller has two vibration motors, and this thing shakes like a dice game in an earthquake. It’s loud, and in some cases feels like the controller is rattling apart. Don’t leave this bad boy on a table during a cutscene, or it will drill right through to the floor!

You’re not that guy, pal. Trust me.

Another big feature of this controller is the back paddles. The back paddle set up has a quick release function and offers the option to add four back buttons to the controller. The bad part about this is- they lack a premium feel. I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve accidentally knocked one loose or had a paddle mapped to the A button stick while playing an FPS. The small heart attack of playing a battle royale shooter and having your character jump like a rookie Halo player. (You can’t dodge in mid-air, rook.) It doesn’t feel like they really belong on the controller at times, and I find myself squishing my fingers at weird angles to get them to function.

While we’re here, let’s talk about the trigger stops. Trigger stops are meant to give you the feel of short mouse-like clicks. These do not. For MOST shooters, they are useless because when the stops are activated I couldn’t properly aim or fire my weapon. While playing Destiny, I could fire my heavy weapons, while playing Call of Duty I couldn’t scope all the way in, and while playing Apex Legends it was so situational to each weapon that I stopped using them entirely.

Cop or Not?

NOT. The PowerA Xbox Fusion 2 is an OKAY controller, and an OKAY budget option, but just barely. In my opinion, go with the PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for $40. It has back buttons, and, is less than a regular Xbox controller. If you don’t mind investing a few more coins, I’d go with the Elite Series 2, or even a SCUF controller as a more premium option.

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