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Have I told you all that Doctor Strange is my second favorite character in the MCU? He’s cool, cunning and his transition from arrogant surgeon to the master of the mystic arts is one of the best stories we’ve seen so far. This brings me to Marvel’s What If… Episode 4.

Marvel‘s What If… Episode 4 follows Doctor Strange, and in this reality, Christine Palmer has passed away. Very similar to the Doctor Strange story in our reality, Christine’s death happens during a car accident.

The two are meeting up for a dinner date, and Strange is typical Strange at this point. He’s more focused on himself than his date next to him, although there are subtle hints at romance between the two.

While on their way to dinner a vehicle collides with them causing their vehicle to violently be driven off-road. Doctor Strange‘s hands are okay this time, but instead, he’s lost his heart. As Strange looks over he noticed that Christine Palmer is dead.

This sends Strange on a course to bring her back using the time stone. Doctor Strange learns from the Ancient One that Christine’s death is an absolute point in time and she cannot be brought back. This drives Strange further to find a solution and leads him on a much darker path.

Why I Loved This Episode?

This episode highlights more of what Marvel‘s What If stories are supposed to be. To see Doctor Strange push himself to absorbing beings from other dimensions was absolutely insane in the best way possible.

Doctor Strange is a character that is ambitious, and arrogant, but unlike Tony Stark, Doctor Strange‘s transformation was more about putting the universe ahead of his own pursuits. Doctor Strange does the absolute opposite here, and even accomplishes his ultimate goal which is to bring Christine back with dire consequences.

Let‘s Talk About The Watcher

Every time I see the Watcher I get chills! Doctor Strange is actually able to see him, and actually interact with him which is amazing! Doctor Strange pleads with him to intervene, but he chooses not to. This has me curious as I know the Watcher has intervened in Marvel Comics so I wonder if this will lead to him stepping in at one point. I’m interested to hear your thoughts down below.

Community Feedback

What do you think of Marvel’s What If… Episode 4? Are you excited for the next episode in this series? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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