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Tonikaku Kawaii is a show that is airing in the current season. With a rating of 7.94 on MyAnimeList, we can clearly see that this show is getting a very positive response from the anime community.

Being a huge fan of wholesome anime, Tonikaku Kawaii quickly grabbed my attention with its adorable premise and relatable characters. Today, I am going to give you guys my quick review of this series based on the first few episodes.

Plot and Story Progression 

Tonikaku kawaii follows the story of a young man named Nasa Yuzaki. As a little kid, Nasa would always get bullied at school because of his weird name. However, instead of getting heartbroken, this boy decided to work very hard and prove all of his bullies wrong.

Getting good grades and being respected by others, Nasa was on the right track. But one day, this boy saw a mysterious girl on the road. As he is about to approach her, he gets hit by a truck. However, even this truck is not able to stop him from confessing his love for this beautiful young girl. The girl named Tsukasa agrees to marry him, but only on one condition, Nasa has to make her his wife.

The plot of this anime sounds weird, funny, unique, and amazing. We follow the story of these two newlyweds as they fall deeper in love with each other every single day. The story progression of this show is absolutely amazing! We learn more about both of the main characters with every new episode, and the anime does not seem repetitive at all.


As you might’ve already guessed, I am absolutely in love with all the characters in this anime. Both the main characters are very nicely built as their personalities develop with every new episode. Nasa and Tsukasa are naïve young souls who are discovering the true meaning of love and marriage.

The show does not really focus much on the side characters, but the creators have tried very hard to make them seem as interesting as possible. The side characters are quite interesting and cute, just like the two main characters in the story.

Visuals and Art Style

The visuals of this anime are crisp and on-point. Tonikaku Kawaii has been created by Seven Arcs animation studio, which is a well-known studio that has also worked on some other popular shows like Sekirei and Dog Days. While the studio has worked on many shows in the past, none of them has been as well-received as Tonikaku Kawaii. This nicely paced anime has been animated brilliantly with the best transitions between scenes.

The art style looks exactly like the original work by Kenjirou Hata. All the characters are drawn in a somewhat cartoonish way to complement the light-hearted setting of the show.

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