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The final season of Attack on Titan is probably one of the most hyped-up anime in the world right now. The first episode aired on the 6th of December, and it completely broke the internet due to insane traffic on different websites like Crunchyroll and Funimation by fans. Currently, many episodes of Attack on Titan season 4 have gotten aired, and the anime is still getting overwhelmingly positive feedback from anime watchers all around the globe.

While it is true that the anime adaption is doing a pretty good job at faithfully following the source material (manga,) some of you might find yourself a little lost while watching the new season. The setting of the series has completely changed in the new season, and there is a brand-new cast of characters.


First of all, every fan of the series must know that there was a time-skip in the new season. Specifically, a four-year time-skip. The anime is now focusing on the Marleyan side of the story. Just as Reiner and Zeke returned after their battle at Paradis, war broke out between Marley and the Middle-East Allied Forces. This long-running war finally comes to a close with a Marleyan victory in the first episode of the new season.


As the story is focusing on the Marleyans, we have also been introduced to a brand-new cast of characters. All of these characters are going to be very important to the story now as they’ll be fighting against Paradis.

The creators are now showing us that good people exist on the Marleyan side as well. The Marleyan people are just as normal as the people of Paradis, and they also have their own dreams and aspirations for the future. Sadly, these innocent people have been brainwashed by the Marleyan government into hating the people who reside inside the walls.


We did not get to see our heroes from Paradis in the first few episodes of the new season. This is because a big part of the story is now going to take place inside Marley. As it was revealed at the end of episode 4, Mr. Kruger is actually Eren Yeager. Eren has been hiding his real identity and spying on the Marleyans. This also hints at the fact that other members of the Survey Corp might also be hiding in Marley and pretending to be normal citizens. The plans of our heroes have still not been revealed. However, Eren finally decides to confront Reiner in the earlier part of the season.


As someone who has read the original source material, I can easily say that the story ahead is going to be insanely good and better than any other season of Attack on Titan. Also, there are way too many chapters of the manga that still need to get covered by the anime, so Attack on Titan season 4 is not going to cover the entire story in just 16 episodes. Judging by the fact that the anime is currently adapting 2 chapters of the manga per episode, we can easily deduce that there is probably going to be a new season.


Attack on Titan season 4 is the best season of the anime so far. The animation did not really look insanely good in the first two episodes. However, MAPPA showed us what it is truly capable of in the 3rd and 4th episodes. If the animation quality is retained and the manga is followed faithfully, then Attack on Titan season 4 is going to easily become one of the best anime of the entire decade, if not the best.

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