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You have searched the internet far and wide to find anything related to Avengers Endgame. Lucky for you, you have made it here. Each successive Avengers movie automatically becomes the most anticipated movie in recent memory. In case you don’t already know, this has very little to do with luck. Marvel has built a cohesive, engaging, and fun cinematic universe in which we genuinely care about each character, both good and bad.

Believe it or not, there are some who believe that, even after 19 years of continuous success, (since X-Men 2000) superhero popularity among mainstream film audiences will fade. Below we will discuss why the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s popularity has endured for so long, since 2008, and why reason dictates that it will not slow down any time soon.


One of the most important cinematic virtues that the MCU has exercised is patience. They took time to build lesser-known characters like Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, and Black Widow, into deep characters that have now become household names. They took the time to introduce the characters naturally and let them mature in the eyes of the audience. Rushing these characters and stories to try to get to a quick payday would have destroyed the universe in the eyes of their most die-hard fans.

Patience is a quality that Marvel Studios has shown over the last eleven years and over 20 movies. If they continue to create smart stories that don’t try to do too much, the audience will continue to respond to their stellar storytelling.

They Give Every Character Their Proper Time

The original Avengers movie (2012) was groundbreaking. It was a very ambitious movie that tried to combine multiple main characters into one, cohesive, story. Their success stemmed from great plotting and efficient storytelling. Each hero and villain was given the proper amount of screen time and none of them seemed useless, as is a big danger in an ensemble movie. As an audience, we grew to love the characters who we are supposed to love (Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, etc.). As well as to hate the characters who we are supposed to hate (Ultron, Ulysses Claw, Thanos).

This cinematic feat was only pulled off because every filmmaker and actor bought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s philosophy. Every movie fits in with the next like a puzzle piece. In the end, they united into an epic quartet of Avengers movies.

Multiple Genres

One of the best things about comic books is that there is so much material to work with. There are generations of stories waiting to be told in various, diverse, genres. The universe began with more grounded (in a sense) heroes like Iron Man and Captain America. Thor brought us into the heavens. Later, Guardians of the Galaxy opened the universe to the cosmic side of the MCU. Next, Dr. Strange showed us the powerful mysticism that exists in the universe. Finally, Ant-Man shrunk us down so that we could see the microscopic world and the quantum realm.

These movies, that blend into one unified story, also open the universe to films that exist in multiple genres. Marvel successfully established itself in multiple genres to bring more people into the stories. This strategy is one of the big reasons that the MCU has found such unprecedented success. This semi exhaustive list of Marvel movie ratings from the popular review site, Rotten tomatoes, shows that even the worst-rated Marvel movies are not rated all that bad by critics. Additionally, this collection of box office numbers illustrates that virtually every Marvel outing is a box office success.

We have been treated to over a decade of engaging stories told by imaginative storytellers using the most cutting-edge technology. As time goes on technology will allow us to witness things that we have never seen before in the cinematic realm. This potential for greatness is why the MCU shows no sign of slowing down as it progresses through its second decade of existence.

What do You Think?

So, now you know why I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and why I think superhero popularity is far from waning. Why do you like it? Do you think that the success of superhero movies is coming to an end? Comment! Like! Share! Let me know if you agree with me (which means you’re correct) or if you disagree with me (which means you’re hopelessly wrong 🙂 Can’t wait to hear what my fellow Marvel fans have to say.

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