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The Fantastic Four are team of Marvel heroes that go on fantastical adventures both on Earth and throughout space. The new Life Story Marvel Comic series follows the team throughout history. I have read the first issue and have decided to review it for our blog. If you’d like me to review more Marvel Comics issues, please let me know by leaving a comment.

What Is Fantastic Four: Life Story Issue #1?

This issue is set in the 1960’s and the United States is trying to put a man in space. In this timeline there have been 3 unsuccessful missions so far. The President enlist the help of world renown scientist Reed Richards, and request that design and build a spaceship.

Reed Richards successfully designs a ship, but the ship actually runs on Antimatter fuel. The issue with using the Antimatter fuel is its light years ahead of its time, and there is no current way to test it prior to launch.

The mission is cancelled and in true Marvel superhero fashion The Fantastic Four hatch a plan to continued onward with the mission. They pick who’s going on the mission and head off into space where the ship encounters cosmic rays.

This incident gives the Fantastic Four their powers and the team comes to learn that the cause of the cosmic energy is none other than Galactus.

We then see the Fantastic Four come back to Earth and deal with having their new powers and abilities. For the most part this plays out similarly to how we’ve come to know it.

At the end of the issue Reed Richards is plagued by his visions of Galactus, and creations a machine to simulate the cosmic energy that gave them their powers. While in the machine he sees Galactus again, but this causes Galactus to learn where Earth is located which troubles Reed dearly as he realize he has just doomed the entire planet.

How Was It?

This was a very interesting issue that felt slowly paced for me. I did enjoy seeing the Fantastic Four in this time setting, but the team doesn’t seem to be affected by the time period. Other than the Antimatter fuel problem, this comic really feels like it could’ve been set in any time period.

I did like the issue as a whole, and all of the primary elements of the Fantastic Four team are here, but this issue really didn’t bring anything new to the table. I do not mean to be too harsh in my criticism as this is the first issue.

What About The Artwork?

I did enjoy the artwork in this issue. The artwork is done extremely well, and the contrast in colors when the team interacts with cosmic energy is simply amazing!

Galactus original design did throw me off a bit, but I did enjoy seeing him in this issue. He’s large and menacing, which is what you’d expect if you are familiar with the character.

Final Thoughts & Feedback

Fantastic Four: Life Story Issue #1 is a story that was design to introduce you to the team, and the primary threat they face. How big of a part will the different time periods play in the overall story? This we have yet to see, but I’ll keep you updated as the story progresses in future issues.

How did you enjoy this review? Are you excited about this Fantastic Four story? Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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