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The Hulu app has a variety of TV shows, movies, and series available. If you are like me as soon as you finish one series you go looking for the next one to watch. The world of Anime is no different. With so many series to watch which one should you watch next? I’ve decided to put together a short list of good animes to watch on Hulu to help you find the perfect anime to fill your free time.

Dragon Ball

The first on my list is a series that many of us watched growing up! Dragon Ball is a shounen anime that primarily follows Goku. Goku was sent to Earth as a young boy to conquer Earth, but due to a bump on his head, he has no memory of his original mission. He now defends Earth and the rest of the Universe from numerous threats. You may not catch an anime protagonist that has quite as much fun as Goku. With its intense fight scenes and lovable characters, I guarantee you’ll absolutely love this anime!

One Punch Man

Next on our list, we have one of my all-time favorite animes, One Punch Man. Any chance I have to recommend this anime I will take the opportunity. One Punch Man is another shounen anime that follows the hero known as Saitama as he hopes to find an opponent that can give him a true challenge. This anime really has it all, it has plenty of heart and emotion. If you like other popular animes such as My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, or One Piece, then One Punch Man is one you should definitely check out. It’s also a great anime for those that are new to the genre.

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is a dark story that can be slow to start but really begins to pick up towards the end of the first season. This anime primarily revolves around Ken Kaneki. A young man has a tragic accident and is turned into a Ghoul. In the world of Tokyo Ghoul, ghouls eat humans and this division between the two species leads our hero on a wild adventure. This is definitely an anime I’d recommend to a more mature audience, and the intro music alone is worth giving it a chance.

The Promised Neverland

This anime is rather short, but its story really caught my attention. The Promised Neverland is a story that follows a group of children that have been raised together until they reach the age of 12. Without giving too much away, their entire world is turned upside down when they find out that they are being raised to be eaten by Demons. This anime is part drama, and mystery so if you’d like a break from the typical shounen anime then this is another one I’d highly recommend.

Attack on Titan

Next, we have a very popular anime series by the name of Attack on Titan. This is another anime that is recommended for a more mature audience, but the story here is very entertaining. In this anime, humans are basically living in a small civilization that is surrounded by mindless humanoid monsters known as Titans. Titans can be killed, but their numbers are numerous. Many humans will not survive beyond the walls, but there are those that long to see the world beyond their own civilization. This is another anime that has all of the elements that will have you buying anime merch in no time.

Demon Slayer

The final anime I will list here is none other than Demon Slayer. This anime is well known in the anime community, and to some, this is one of the best animes ever made and part of the big 3 shonen animes of our generation. It has phenomenal animation and storytelling. This is one anime that is available in both the sub and dub, so no matter how you prefer to watch your anime I’m sure this is one that you’ll really enjoy.

Community Feedback

I hope you all enjoyed my list of good animes to watch on Hulu. Please leave a comment and let me know which one of these animes are you most excited to watch, and what suggestions do you have for the overall best anime on Hulu? If you have seen these already or suggest other animes on Hulu feel free to share them down below.

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