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If you are new to anime you may have seen arguments online about whether to watch subbed or dubbed anime. Anime fans can be an extremely passionate bunch, but I assure you that it is perfectly okay to watch either subbed or dubbed anime. As a new anime fan you may wonder why someone would choose to watch one or the other and if you’re missing out if you only watch one type exclusively. Well, this article is here to answer your questions and hopefully settle the subbed vs dubbed anime debate for you.

What Is Subbed and Dubbed Anime?

Now let’s talk about dubbed anime first. Anime’s are animated stories that are created in Japan using Japanese voice actors. Now many anime’s are dubbed or translated in English using English speaking voice actors.

Subbed anime is the original animated series using Japanese voice actors, but with English translation on screen as subtitled text. Many popular anime series such as Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, Demon Slayer, and Jujutsu Kaisen are available in both English dub and sub.

Should I Watch Either Subbed or Dubbed Anime?

The decision to watch either subbed or dubbed anime really comes down to personal preference. Although I have watched anime series in both sub and dub, there are times the subtitled text differs slightly from the English dub. Even with this slight difference you shouldn’t miss any major story elements.

If you are a dub only anime watcher, you may miss out on many anime series as the dub may not be available immediately after the series releases. In the case of my favorite anime, One Punch Man, if I wait to watch the dub, I will have to wait for almost a year after the series releases to watch and enjoy it.

With subbed anime, you can be too busy reading that you may miss some of the action on screen, so this is something to consider when choosing to watch the subbed version.

Final Thoughts and Feedback

No matter how you choose to watch your anime, I encourage you to jump in and watch as many anime’s as you can. Please don’t let the online community bully you into watching one type of anime over another. The primary point of this article was to show you that the type of anime you watch really is just personal preference. If you’d like some anime recommendations, I’ve written an article that highlights some good anime’s to watch on Netflix.

Now it’s time to hear from our readers. How do you choose to watch your anime? Do you prefer to watch subbed anime or dubbed anime? Are there any points I may have missed in my article? Feel free to let me know down in the comments section.

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