Dexter New Blood

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The first trailer for Dexter New Blood is finally here, and I thought it would be a great one to share with our AAC Universe. If you have never watched the Dexter series I highly recommend it. Fans of this popular Showtime series, have been waiting on this trailer ever since the series was first announced. This limited series will be the actual finale of the series. After watching this trailer I am left

with one question… Will this limited series be able to keep our interest just as the original series did?

What is Dexter?

Before getting into this trailer, I’d like to explain what the Dexter series is about. Dexter is a man that was traumatized by witnessing the brutal murder of his mother while he was just a toddler. Dexter was old enough to remember the incident and this has led him down the path of becoming a serial killer. Now Dexter’s adopted Father Harry, was one of the officers to rescue Dexter from that horrific scene. Earlier on Harry recognized that something wasn’t quite right about Dexter, and he later began to realize that Dexter has been scarred from this event permanently.

Instead of finding someplace to get Dexter help, Harry decides to teach Dexter how to use his dark urges for good. He teaches him a “code” that keeps Dexter from getting caught and keeps Dexter focused on only killing “bad people” such as criminals that escape the system. Throughout the series, Dexter has to deal with keeping his late-night activities a secret from those that he grows to care about all while keeping the number one rule which is “don’t get caught”.

Where is Dexter now?

Throughout the original series, we come to learn that Dexter has prepared for the day he would have to run and assume a new identity. When the original series ends, Dexter is shown in a cabin under what we assumed was a new identity. When the trailer opens we pick up years after. Dexter has aged quite a bit and seems to be owning a small weapons shop.

My original thought here is the trailer doesn’t necessarily captivate the essence of Dexter from the original series, and maybe that was by design. Who knows what happens when a serial killer travels to another part of the country to assume a different life. Dexter seems to be blending in well with society here, but the trailer didn’t really show us too much of Dexter’s ‘dark passenger’. This makes me wonder how soon after the original series this story takes place. Dexter still seems to be on the run in this trailer so did word get out of who he was after the events of the first series?

If this is the case, and Dexter is on the run will he still “hunt”, and will this bring back some classic characters from the original final season? There are still many questions that I have that need to be answered.

Final Thoughts and Feedback

The original show followed Dexter’s inner monologue closely as the character dealt with the dangers of being a serial killer all while working to keep his secret safe. One thing that was truly magical about the first show was just how edgy, and daring the series was in the first few seasons. This trailer doesn’t necessarily have the spark as the early days of Dexter, but I am interested to see how the series will actually wrap up.

Now it’s time to hear from our AAC Universe? Are you excited for the series finale of Dexter? Feel free to share your thoughts down below. We’ll keep you updated as more news about the series comes up.

Thank you so much for reading.

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